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4x4 ride

4x4 ride

PriceFrom €50.00

Wander according to your desires and treat yourself to an improvised day of relaxation in the desert with a 4x4 excursion through the most beautiful dunes of the Sahara or in the heart of the magnificent palm groves of Tagounite. There is something for everyone, by the hour or by the day and even the possibility of ending with a wild bivouac in the middle of nature to spice up your adventure!


Smart, this excursion can be a good plan if there are many of you since you will share the price! Whether you are 2 or 6 in the 4x4, it remains the same because it is per vehicle with a maximum of 6 people in it, lunch and dinner included according to formula. If more, plan to tick 2 items when making your choice.

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