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25 €/person for a 2 hour lesson
Activity reserved for adults and children over 12 years old
Option to combine ideally with an excursion in the desert

There are several Berber carpet weaving cooperatives in the last villages we cross before taking the desert track. And in particular those in the commune of Tagounite whose vocation is the preservation of the  know how to make Berber art. The women weavers of the village have organized themselves into a cooperative in order to take their place as actors in the economic life of their region.  The purpose of these associations is  to establish social entrepreneurship within the community of Berber women in the region and to perpetuate the cultural heritage  of the art of weaving Berber carpets in wool.

You will enjoy 2 hours of free time to discover the agile  dexterity of these women who work tirelessly and quietly on their loom to make by hand, pretty colorful rugs of all sizes and with varied patterns. They will show you their practice and help you to make yourself a simple little work that you will have the pleasure of keeping in your memories.

Free tour of the cooperative -  Carpets for sale directly on site

Cette activité se combine parfaitement avant ou après une excursion avec bivouac dans le désert ou un trekking

(option à réserver sur formulaire trek ou bivouac)

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