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Traditional henna tattoos

Variable prices depending on the model

to choose and pay on the spot

Session of at least 1 hour

Hénné à la kasbah Tagounite Maroc.jpg

Comfortably installed in the shade of the pretty Berber living room in the protected courtyard of our kasbah, a glass of tea in hand, we will explain everything to you about the traditional practice of henna, while sketching the model of your choice on your body, under optimum hygienic conditions.

Tattooing is an ancestral art practiced in the oldest civilizations. In Morocco, Berber women use henna tattooing during family ceremonies that mark an important event in a woman's life (puberty, marriage or the first child). It is made with a creamy paste obtained by mixing henna (dried leaf) and a glass of tea, and it is temporary (it fades after about 3 weeks). Today its use is not restricted to family ceremonies, women use these ornamental tattoos to beautify themselves.

Count 1/2 hour per hand

Allow 3 hours minimum for a tattoo of 2 hands and 2 feet

Indicative prices (product catalog on site):

1 hand or 1 foot: €10

2 hands or 2 feet: 15 €

2 hands + 2 feet: 25 €


And many more surprises on site... eye makeup, Kelâat M'Gouna rose water, argan oil, saffron body cream...

Cette activité se combine parfaitement avant ou après une excursion avec bivouac dans le désert ou un trekking

(option à réserver sur formulaire trek ou bivouac)

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