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6 jours/6 nuits
Aller-retour Agadir
810 €/personne de 2 à 4 participants | 780 €/personne à partir de 5 participants
1/2 tarif 5-12 ans | gratuit 0-4 ans
Itinéraire : plages de Mirleft et Legzira - Tiznit - vallée des Almens - Tafraoute - désert de Chegaga - vallée du Drâa - tapis de Taznakht - safran de Taliouine - Taroudant - Agadir

Maroc coloré

Entre terre et mer

Un road trip régénérant des plus belles falaises de la côte atlantique, en passant par le royaume de la babouche à Tafraoute jusque sous les étoiles du désert pour danser avec les nomades au rythme des djembés. Et puis une ode à la gourmandise sur le chemin du retour par la route des épices, aux parfums subtiles de fleurs d'oranger et de safran, de quoi émoustiller les papilles avant d'apprécier les spécialités culinaires de la région de Taroudant.

      Highlights of the tour :

  • Enjoy the beaches of Mirleft and discover the cliffs of Legzira by the ocean

  • Dare to take a paragliding baptism to admire the Atlantic coast from the sky

  • Take a walk in Tiznit, the capital of jewelers

  • Choose your most beautiful slippers in Tafraoute in the Almens Valley

  • Explore the M'Hamid desert by 4x4 to Erg Chegaga (the most imposing in Morocco)

  • ​Have fun during a magical evening with the nomads around the fire and bivouac in their camp

  • Discover the majestic oases of the Draa Valley

  • Travel the route of spices and oriental carpets by Taznakht and Taliouine

  • Relax around in mint tea in the superb oasis of Tiout

  • Enjoy your last evening by the superb swimming pool in a traditional riad near Taroudant, a citadel with imposing ramparts dating from the Saadian era

detailed description


  • Here you are on the tarmac of Agadir airport, a seaside resort renowned for its surf spots, its wide crescent beach and its seafront promenade. to discover... We have unearthed a little corner of paradise for you, in a much wilder place and closer to nature.

  • Let's go, on the way to Mirleft, a small picturesque seaside town located 120 km from Agadir, which benefits from a pleasant climate that the trade winds further soften. You will settle in a charming atypical inn perched on its hill by the sea where you will spend the afternoon until the next morning. It's a  idyllic setting with breathtaking views at 300 m altitude over the ocean  that you can even contemplate from the superb infinity pool, whose water is skilfully managed with  preservation of natural resources.

  • Here you will not be bored, horseback riding on the beach, walk on the hills of the hinterland and visits to argan cooperatives, and for the more adventurous, paragliding baptism*  (* option to be booked and paid on site ). This is the opportunity to discover the fabulous feeling of  to fly like a bird !

  • Guaranteed thrills that will whet your appetite to enjoy the tasty local cuisine served each evening with a specialty of the region before returning to your troglodyte room with its original decoration.


  • After a hearty breakfast taken on the terrace of the inn, you will take advantage of the ocean spray to recharge your batteries.  this beautiful day... On the program, swimming and idleness on the magnificent beaches of Legzira  adorned with  singular cliffs shaped by the tides. After all, vacations are made for resting  !! On the menu for lunch, a delicious grilled fish that you will taste under a small hut directly installed on the beach.

  • After a digestive siesta in the sun and a few fathoms in the ocean, a short stroll in Sidi Ifni and along the cornice of Aglou dotted with troglodyte dwellings of fishermen.

  • It's 5 p.m., would a cup of tea at the end of the world make you happy? So on the way to your accommodation ideally located by the sea to enjoy the sunset quietly installed on the private terrace of your room in front of a good cup of tea. Where are you going  enjoy  of  the superb infinity pool in the  nice garden  embellished with  colorful and fragrant perennials.

  • As soon as you arrive, the tenants of this charming hotel will offer you to choose your menu for dinner* as they serve homemade cuisine, mainly concocted with fresh local produce. It's a real delight for the taste buds, which you will appreciate in a bucolic setting adorned with a string of sparkling candle lights to make the moment even more magical! (* price of the meal not included in the stay, to be paid on site with your drinks).


  • Early departure for Foum Zguid , a town located south of the Anti-Atlas in the mountains of Jbel Bani, then we will leave the road to take the old Paris-Dakar track ,  rocky and sandy, which will join the erg Chegaga , the most important dune massif of the kingdom in the desert of M'Hamid El Guizlane. Picnic break on the way.

  • And then here we are... landscapes of extreme beauty bathed in a strange light, that's the charm of the desert... Hush, let yourself be guided, there's nothing more to say, just to contemplate and enjoy these precious moments.  We will arrive just in time before the sunset over the majestic sand dunes , the spectacle is breathtaking and not to be missed under any circumstances!

  • Installation under your tent in a  traditional bivouac. A camel ride will allow you to effortlessly discover this  exceptional natural site still virgin and preserved.

  • Dinner and magical evening under the stars , to the frenzied rhythm of djembes and songs  Amazigh until the end of the night, around a warm campfire depending on the season. Their songs undoubtedly convey the identity of these men called "free men or noble men" that you will be able to appreciate during the  International Festival of Nomads organized each year in March and October in M'Hamid (formerly Taragalte).

  • Departure in the morning to still enjoy the last moments in the  desert until the moment of  lunch in a  camp on erg Lihoudi. Quad ride on request (to be paid on site).

  • Then back to civilization  softness with a very beautiful  getaway in  total immersion in Berber culture in Tagounite . We will meet these very numerous ethnic groups here and settled in communities according to their origins, in the palm grove of Ktaoua at the gates of the desert . It is an atypical route through fields of wheat and varied market gardening (mularya, watermelons, onions, aubergines, mint, coriander, red peppers, etc.) whose production will be harvested at dawn and sold in the souks.

  • Then, we will stop at Tamegroute , a village famous for its Koranic library and its pottery with incredible shades of green made with ancestral techniques that have not changed.

  • Continuation of the circuit by the  Draa Valley on the old road to Timbuktu which runs along  a  succession of adobe ksours (fortified village)  and lush oases  offering the best dates in the kingdom in autumn to be consumed all year round, especially during Ramadan. We will take the opportunity to have a glass of tea in an authentic kasbah in Tamnougalte, which is well worth the detour!

  • Accommodation in a charming guest house in Agdz, with neat decoration and a very warm welcome, possibility of dining on site with Glaoui musical evening on request. Otherwise, take the opportunity to discover Agdz and its emblematic mountain which overlooks it, the   Mount Kissane.



  • We will start the day with a visit to  Tazenakht, essential capital of Berber carpets which are part of the large family of Oriental carpets. They are  still woven by hand according to ancestral methods.  Their  bright and vibrant colors are obtained thanks to the quality of the wool. You will also find thick Beni-ouarain rugs, in white wool traveled  patterns, most often black diamonds, characteristic of the Middle Atlas region and very popular in recent years in the interiors of the Western world.

  • Lunch in Taliouine , capital of saffron. This  precious spice called red gold is  from the stigmata  crocus flowers and is renowned for its quality all over the world. It's in  autumn that you can admire the  fields of crocuses that adorn each other  of their most beautiful purple color before the harvest.

  • We will take the road again in the rocky plains of the Anti-Atlas, bordered by plantations of orange trees with intoxicating scents, to reach your riad at the end of the afternoon, looking like a kasbah, near the fortified city of Taroudant.

  • Our journey is coming to an end but we still have a little nugget to show you before the terminus. It 's an invitation to daydream around a delicious glass of tea in the lush oasis of  Tiout,  which contrasts with the surrounding desert landscape, dominated  by a majestic kasbah from the Saadian era.

  • Dinner by the pool of the riad or in Taroudant , the opportunity to enjoy its nightlife and its souks with the scents of cinnamon, fresh mint, spices, argan oil soaps and oriental pastries of all kinds.

  • Transfer provided the next morning to the airport or to the hotel of your choice in Agadir.


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